Test your Knowledge with our Braces Trivia

This post was provided by our Community Relations Coordinator Kristy Haare, Peoria, IL. 

What makes up a Healthy Beautiful Smile?

  • Absence of cavities

  • Ability to Speak, Chew, and Bite

  • Proper alignment with the jaw


braces for kids and adults

Teeth that work together properly tend to look better. Orthodontists have the ability to change people’s lives by changing their smiles and creating proper function in the mouth.

They use “appliances” to move teeth and align jaws:

  • Braces

  • Expanders

  • Retainers

With the use of these appliances orthodontist straighten teeth in regard to a person’s bite, all while working to improve dental health.

braces girl

Think you know everything there is to know about braces?

Test your Knowledge with our Braces Trivia:


1. True or False: NASA invented orthodontic wires.


2. What’s the first thing you should do after eating if you wear braces?


a) chew gum


b) drink a glass of water


c) brush your teeth


3. True or False: Braces can lower your risk of gum disease


4. Which of these foods should you avoided when wearing braces?


a) chewy candy


b) bubble gum


c) popcorn


d/ All of the above


5. True or False: All braces are worn at least two years.



Have you thought about braces for yourself, or your child?

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