March 2017

Braces Trivia Answers!

  1. TRUE - The wires we use in today’s braces are activated by body heat and were originally developed by NASA to use in the space program!

  2. C - BRUSH YOUR TEETH. This is really important, not only to keep your mouth clean with all that extra hardware inside it, but to ensure that your smile doesn’t include oregano leaves from your spaghetti sauce.

  3. TRUE - Straight teeth are actually easier to brush and floss, maintaining good oral hygiene is much easier and more effective for patients after braces.

  4. D - ALL  Unfortunately, all of these foods should be avoided when you have braces. Not only can these foods get stuck, they can break the wires (Hey, even NASA isn’t perfect).

  5. FALSE - How long your braces are on your teeth depends entirely on why your orthodontist recommends braces for optimal oral health. Many people do wear braces for over a year, but some remove them earlier. Orthodontic treatment is tailored to you.