Why should my child see a dentist?

  1. You can learn if the cleaning done at home is working.
  2. We can identify problems right away when your child comes in for a comprehensive dental exam.
  3. You help your child build healthier habits at a young age.
  4. We can detect of your child has a bite problem (malocclusion) which is caused by crooked or crowded teeth. This can affect your child’s eating and cleaning habits as well as his or her appearance which can have a psychological effect on your child. After detection, we can suggest treatment options.

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Is there any protection available for my child's teeth?

Yes, our dentists may suggest sealing them to help protect against cavities. A sealant is put on the chewing surface of molars which makes them less likely to trap food and germs which can develop into cavities. Our dentists may recommend the application of teeth strengthening fluoride. Additionally, our dentists and clinical staff may offer suggestions for a healthy diet for you and your child.