Video Scripts

Who We Are

Dr. Azad: Hi my name is Koushan h Azad. Welcome to Familia dental. What I love most about my job is that we every day we see a variety of patients. From the moment the patient comes in with their needs, to when they leave, we know they leave in better shape, with better oral care, and that makes me happy. At the end of the day, I am a family man; I have 3 kids. When I go to bed I want to feel good about what I have done. That’s the message we have communicated to our doctors and to our staff as well.

Testimonial: The experience was wonderful. All kindness and professionalism. I would recommend for someone to go to the offices because of our experiences. We have had wonderful, great progress with everything I have taken my son for, myself, and even my daughter. So I would definitely recommend anyone to try Familia Dental for them or their family.

Dr Azad: Since the get-go when I started all this, to me being professional being honest, that’s the most important part. And that’s what we take pride in at Familia, that our patient our staff and doctors, we all feel and believe the same thing.

Careers in Corporate Office

Familia Dental is your neighborhood dentist. We’re there for you if you ever need help. Give us a call, we’ll be able to give you the same service you could get at any other private dental office, with a little more smiles and fun!

What makes us different is our people. So we’re definitely looking for employees who are going to bring the right mindset and have the drive.

We’re all a team, whether you’re incoming, outgoing, or insurance anything we’re all together.

Whether you have the experience or not, as long as you have the drive, we’ll provide you with the education and knowledge.

We have 24 different offices and we’re opening many more, so we need to be able to be on our toes.

You can come in and we can train you to be a Dental Assistant and get you certified.

You always have help, you’re never alone, there’s always someone next to you, and you can always ask questions.

I really think Familia Dental differentiates itself from other offices because we create a fun atmosphere within our office. We have a lot of playrooms. We get children in [the office] and it makes them not scared to go to the dentist, like most of us were as children.

We’re invested in our employees, and we’re definitely looking to bring people in who are looking to grow within the field.

If you’re looking to be in the healthcare field, and you’re also interested in the business side of things, I think it’s a great place to start, a great place to grow.

It’s great to be part of a company where they put you first.

We’re very fair, outgoing, and also friendly.

We look at employees as partners, we know each other, everyone is welcome, and no one has a close door policy.

We look at things like how can we keep our patients happy, how can we keep our doctors happy, and how can we keep the front desk happy with a smile on their face. And really, we want to be the face of Familia Dental.

Careers as a Doctor / in our Practices

Familia Dental is a great place to work. We have a lot of interaction with our patients. We are able to connect with our patients. We work as a team.

I love my staff. Everyone is really caring, friendly, compassionate…

I started as a receptionist and within a year I was promoted to Office manager.

When I started I realized I had a lot of opportunity for growth, as a dentist.

Familia Dental offered to sponsor my H1 Visa, and they are currently applying for my permanent residency as well.

Familia Dental offers lots of sponsorships for international students who went to school over here. They choose to work here in the United States.

We do receive bonuses and gift cards.

Employees can get paid CE courses, health insurance, malpractice insurance… Familia Dental is different from other corporations because it’s always growing, it’s fast-paced, and they’re always incorporating advanced technologies.

At Familia Dental we have advanced office settings. WE take digital x-rays for all patients. We have a digital system.

In the office everyone “drops” their title and we become a team.

Each day is exciting. The patients I work with are very grateful so at the end of the day it is always a very gratifying experience.

The staff will be there before us. When the patients come they sign in, they bring the patient to the back, I talk with the patient and the assistants do their job. I return to the patient, do the exam, and give them a treatment plan specific to their case.

The office manager explains the treatment plan to the patient, and goes over the financial aspect of it and provides them with information that can help them get the treatment done.

Familia Dental staff are very friendly and caring.

I would say that Familia Dental is progressive, compassionate, and efficient.

At the end of the day we always stay positive, and we really enjoy working with each other.