Our Story

Familia Dental is a warm and inviting environment where everyone is treated equally and where no patient is refused due to their social status or insurance coverage. This mission is especially close to the heart of Familia Dental’s founder, Dr. Koushan Azad. Dr. Azad found a passion for helping others in the creation of a family friendly dental office that welcomes every patient with open arms and treats them as if they were his own family members.

The Spark That Lit the Fire

As a young boy living on government aid, Koushan Azad worked hard to support his family to help make ends meet. After working in a hospice center and able to make a lasting difference in the lives of patients, Koushan felt a longing to help others. After graduating from dental school in 1998, he realized that he wanted to contribute to the less fortunate communities that his family belonged to growing up.

Spreading Like Wildfire

Dr. Koushan Azad started Familia Dental 2008 to provide high-quality dentistry at affordable prices. His practice was the first of its kind, as it possessed a progressive approach that encouraged dentists to make patient decisions by considering treatment options, patient needs, and the dentist’s expertise. Dr. Azad wanted to bring together a team of dental professionals that treat everyone with dignity and compassion, regardless of their patients having state-provided insurance, private insurance, or paying out of pocket.

Forty-two dental offices later, Familia Dental carries on with the mission of improving the health and smiles of its patients. As the organization grows, the original purpose of Familia Dental remains true to its founding principle:

To provide a warm and inviting family-friendly environment where everyone receives proper dental care, and nobody is refused treatment because of their social status or insurance coverage. At Familia Dental, we regard our patients as if they were our family members.