Save hundreds on dental for you and your family.

Valid in participating clinics in Indiana.

Are you looking to save on dental for yourself or your family? Is regular and routine dental care to expensive?

With My Familia Plan, you can save substantially on dental costs when you next visit the dentist. My Familia Dental Discount Plan is an annual membership that gives individuals and families an affordable alternative to dental insurance. With no waiting periods, eligibility checks or benefit limits you and your family can have unlimited access to dental care at up to 55% discount!

No insurance and want to pay cash? Pay Less!

The My Familia Dental Discount Plan was created specifically for those who do not have insurance and want to pay cash.

For just $5 a month you gain access to up to 55% savings

Simple to sign up, easy to use

Once you've signed up online or in person, all you have to do is present your membership card details the next time you book an appointment or walk in for care. For more details go to you can also call us to discuss at 888-766-9938 Plan Benefits

Plan Benefits
  • Same local Familia Dentist
  • No waiting periods
  • No eligibility checks
  • No age limits
  • Includes implants & other major services!
  • PLUS! Through the member portal you also have access to:

  • 80% off prescriptions,
  • 75% off of vision care
  • $45 Telehealth
Cool Family

You can save up to 55% on you
and your family’s dental care

Great Savings, Incredible Care

Example Savings

Proceedure Code Usual Cash
Pay Price
My Familia
Member Pays
You Save
Comprehensive Oral Exam D0150 $88 Free 100%
Initial Patient X-Rays D0210 $134 Free 100%
Regular Cleaning - Adult D1110 $89 $55 38.2%
Regular Cleaning - Child D1120 $67 $45 32.8%
Braces - Adult D8090 $6,500 $3,900 40%
Braces - Child D8090 $6,500 $3,900 40%
Crown D2790 $1,100 $599 45.55%
Deep Cleaning (per quad) D4342 $189 $90 52.38%
Simple Extraction D7140 $169 $125 26.04%
Surgical Extraction D7210 $282 $160 43.26%
Dentures - Complete (Upper or Lower) D5110 &
$1,099 $815 25.84%
Filling (Amalgam) - Four or More Surfaces D2161 $250 $150 40%
Filling (Amalgam) - Three Surfaces D2160 $210 $120 42.86%
Filling (Amalgam) - Two Surfaces D2160 $170 $100 41.18%
Filling (Amalgam) - One Surface D2140 $149 $80 46.31%
Limited Oral Exam D0140 $79 $40 49.37%
Reline Complete Denture (Lower) D5731 $379 $195 48.55%
Reline Complete Denture (Lower) D5741 $367 $178 51.5%
Participating Familia Dental providers have agreed to discount their usual cash pay pricing by up to 55%. “Usual” refers to the normal rate charged by the service provider for treatments. The “Usual Cash Pay Price” can vary by location.
  • The My Familia Dental Discount Plan is not insurance.
  • This discount plan is only available for use at participating Familia Dental Offices. You can find a list online at
  • This dental discount plan does not make payments directly to your chosen provider.
  • You will be able to look up plan details, fee schedules and your membership card online.
  • When service is completed you will be responsible to pay in cash at check out or the card on file will be charged.