Oral Health Marvels: Orthodontics

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Are you familiar with orthodontics? Orthodontics is a specialized brand of dentistry that is designed to help correct issues with bad bites and misalignments in a person’s smile. The official name of orthodontics is orthodontic dentofacial orthopedics, which is designed to help treat, diagnose, prevent, guide and correct your teeth into the proper locations. Information concerning orthodontics is as follows:

– Orthodontic alignment systems are designed to correct misalignments and bad bites in your smile.
– If you have issues with teeth moving out of position that have rotated improperly, an orthodontic treatment can be used.
– Several orthodontic treatments are available including aligners, retainers and braces.
– Orthodontic treatments are known for their oral health benefits including boosting your self-esteem and providing a nicer smile.
– Orthodontic treatments that have correctly straightened your teeth can lower your risk of the following issues:
– fractures
– oral accidents and injuries
– tooth enamel wear
– gum disease and tooth decay, as straighter teeth are easier to clean

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