The Many Types of Malocclusions We Treat

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An important part of caring for your smile is addressing your tooth alignment complications so that you can have proper oral health. The development of oral alignment issues involving the teeth and jaws can increase your risk of additional oral health issues that prevent you from having a smile you are proud to show. We offer a review of malocclusions, or bad bite, to help you recognize if you should receive orthodontic treatment.

Many types of malocclusions are centered around the incisors, which are teeth near the front of your smile that can cause tooth alignment issues during their eruption. It’s very easy for these teeth to stick out or rotate when they come in and result in the following malocclusions: an open bite, underbite (bulldog teeth), deep bite, misplaced midline and overbite (buck teeth).

If the jaws are misplaced, you may have a crossbite, in which your lower jaw extends further out than the upper jaw and prevents a healthy alignment of the teeth. Further complications involving tooth alignment include widely or closely spaced teeth, improperly rotated teeth and other tooth and jaw irregularities that affect your smile in terms of appearance, health and quality.

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