Wisdom Teeth: Removal

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In addition to pain in the oral cavity, there are some signs of wisdom teeth in need of removal that you can take note of. If you sense any of the following signs, or if the gums behind your molars are throbbing or swelling, please let us know so that we can pencil in you a visit to see our doctor right away.

One of the biggest indicators that a wisdom tooth needs to be extricated is the advance of pericoronitis, a disease where gum tissue covers the partially erupting tooth, instigating infection and tenderness when debris become wedged. If you have pericoronitis, our dentists may need to extricate the gum tissue by the tooth or the tooth itself. Another indicator that a wisdom tooth needs to be pulled is bad tastes, bad smells or pus in the areas nearby the tooth. Earaches, ear infections and sinus infections are further symptoms that a wisdom tooth may need to be extracted.

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